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Launch Your ONLINE Coaching Practice from Zero to Profit.... in 90 DAYS

Turn your gifts into greater impact & profit with this STEP-BY-STEP online course action plan!

Start your business from scratch & avoid wasting time with the wrong strategy.

  • Create a Killer product, program or package.
  • Market Like a Pro
  • Easily Learn how to use the most efficient Software
  • Avoid Wasting Money on expensive marketing plans
  • Generate Leads on AutoPilot!!! Both for new clients online and in person

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Save Yourself THOUSANDS of dollars and hundreds of hours of set up by helping you:

  • I give you a step-by-step process for everything !
  • I share the exact same system of how I’ve created my Online Business on AutoPilot and coached my students how to do the same!
  • I give you exact recommendations on each resource, software, tool, etc.
  • I show you how to apply the basic framework to all of your marketing efforts to maximize your success. 

Why people don’t finish or Even start their ONLINE PRACTICE:

X  Lack of Confidence in Gifts + Skills
X  Fear of failing by trying to start too perfectly
X  Not breaking the project down into manageable chunks
X  Never done advertising and have no idea how it works.
X  No target market so no direction
X  Procrastination & no usable writing structure
X  No one to help with the process


It took me YEARS to learn the process of starting a business, software, funnels, marketing & lead generation. Let me cut years off your production time!

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30+ Powerful How-to Videos....

Welcome to Jumpstart Your ONLINE Coaching Practice


  • A message from the instructor- Lindsay Shearer
  • Master Checklist/To Do List PDF
  • How to Join Our Weekly Coaching Q & A Calls

1. Setting Up Your Business Accounts, Client Payment Portals


  • 1.1 Intro & Online Business Start-Up
  • 1.2 Setting Up Your Hosting, Domain, Cloud Based Accounts
  • 1.3 Setting Up Your Business Structure, Bank Accounts & Taking Client Payments Online
  • 1.4. Jumpstart More In-Depth Choosing a Business Structure

BONUS: Jumpstart General Practice Setup & Power Tools (SKIP If you did regular jumpstart)

  • 2.1 Coaching Agreements & Confidentiality
  • 2.2 Business Tool: Coaching Agreement Sample
  • 2.3 Coaching Assessment Forms (for Clients & Roleplaying)
  • 2.4 Client Intake Forms
  • 2.5 Safety & Legal Concerns for Coaches
  • 2.6 Coaching Liability Insurance

2. BONUS NICHE : Starting Out Right: Who is your Target Market?/What is your Niche? (SKIP IF YOU DID REGULAR JUMPSTART)

  • 1 Targeting A Market 101
  • 2 Business Tool: About You Discovery
  • BONUS: How missed steps create Bottlenecks to clients finding you & working with you
  • Business Tool: Coaching Niches To Help You Brainstorm
  • 3 Why Knowing Your Passion Matters
  • 4 Dreams & Passions Inventory
  • 5 Business Tool: Who Belongs to You?
  • 6 Assessing the Needs & Desires of Your Target Market
  • 7 Business Tool: Target Market Needs & Desires
  • 8 Communicating the Results & Benefits Your Clients Experience

3. Branding & Copywriting


  • 3.1 Market Research & Finding Your Niche Online
  • StoryBranding Worksheet Niche Exercise
  • 3.2 Branding Design & Goals Online
  • 3.3 Writing Copy that Has Your Products & Services Flying Off the Shelves

4. Website & Funnel Tech


  • 4.1 Setting Up Your Website/Funnel & Tech Essentials
  • 4.2 Website Pages & Flow
  • 4.3 Funnel Tech Software

5. Creating Powerful Offers


  • 5.1 Creating Your Perfect Offer & Perfect Pricing
  • 5.2 Showcasing & Testing Your Offer
  • 5.3 Offer Delivery Software

6. Email Marketing & Client Relationship Mgmt Software


  • 6.1 What Is Email Marketing & How to Use It For More Sales & Relationship Building
  • 6.2 CRM Email Marketing & Relationship Management

7. Funnel Set Up


  • 7.1 Funnel Opt In Page & Forms
  • 7.2 Designing Killer Landing Pages
  • 7.3 Thank You Pages & Conversion Events

8. Lead Generation


  • 8.1 Lead Generation Intro
  • 8.2 Creating Your Actual Opt In Freebie
  • 8.3 Nurturing Your Connections & Leads

9. Advertising (Free + Paid)


  • 9.1 Free Advertising Avenues
  • 9.2 Creating Your Online Ads
  • 9.3 Paid Advertising Strategy

10. Social Media Mastery


  • 10.1 Choosing Your Preferred Social Media Outlets
  • 10.2 What to Post On Social Media
  • 10.3 Batching & Templates for Social Media

BONUS: Mastering Your Sales Process


  • Learning to Master Phone Sales
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Creating Multiple Streams of Income Online

BONUS: Selling Your Services: It's all about Connection (Included in Regular Jumpstart too)

  • 1: Relational Selling
  • 2: The 4 Stages of Selling
  • 3: Limiting Beliefs That Keep Coaches from Selling Their Services
  • Business Tool: Limiting Beliefs/Attitudes About Money
  • Business Tool: Practical Guide to Setting Fees
  • 4: How to Setup a First Coaching Session & Things to Avoid
  • 5: The Explosive First Coaching Session
  • Business Tool: The Wheel of Life
  • 6: Moving Clients Towards the Close
  • Business Tool: Closing Statements
  • 9: Closing the Deal with Clients (& Handling Objections)
  • Business Tool: Answering Objections

BONUS: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  • Introduction to Keywords
  • On Page SEO Techniques
  • Off Page External SEO Linking Plan

BONUS: Automation & Implementation


  • Hiring Great Help
  • Creating Systems for Automation & Implementation Accountibility

Weekly Call Recordings


  • 4-1-20 Group Coaching Call
  • 4-8-20 Group Coaching Call
  • 4-16-20 Niche Class (Call Didn't get properly recorded so here's a training for you).
  • 4-22-20 Call
  • 4-29-20: Crafting Your Offer Live Call
  • 5-13-20 FB Groups + Opt In pages
  • 5-20-21 Landing Page Contents
  • 5-27-20 Call - Online Reach Out + Protecting Your Business
  • 6-3-20 Software Stack Part 1
  • 6-10-20 Software stack Part 2
  • Weekly Call 6-17-20
  • 7-8-20 Canva More Detailed Training
  • 7-15-20 Call Welcome Email Series First 7 Emails - Content & Scheduling
  • 7-22-20 - General Email Marketing Content + Schedule
  • 7-29-20 Content Calendar + Learning Trello
  • 8-5-20
  • 8-13-20 Creating a Free Ebook/Printable/Download
  • 8-19-20 : Starting Outreach For Podcasts etc. Plus media kits
  • 8-26-20 Ranking Your Podcast/YouTube/FB Group on New + Noteworthy & to Show Up In Feeds
  • 9/2 & 9/20 Doing a 5 Day Pop-Up Facebook Group Challenge for Lead Generation
  • 9-16-20 Basic Productivity Training & Scheduling
  • 9-23-20: Hosting a Live Workshop: Part 1
  • 9-30-20: Hosting a Live Workshop: Part 2 Calendar Download
  • 9-30-20 Hosting a Live Workshop Part 2: Setup Video
  • Weekly Call 10-7-20: Slack, Invoicing, Standard Operating Proceedures for onboarding new clients
  • 10-14-20: What Videos Should you Shoot in a Video Shoot, + Introduction to Memberships
  • 10-21-20 Weekly Call - Legal Agreements + Website Agreements
  • 10-28-20 Intro to Keyword Research + SEO

BONUS: Software Options + Discounts & Trials

  • Software Options + Trials & Discounts

What you're getting...

40+ Mind-Blowing Videos: Delivered Immediately

LIVE Q&As Weekly

Online Coaching Community

Coaching Roleplay with other students

Multiple Bonuses

Life Coach Certification Course

What people are saying...

I wasn't sure how I should online market my business or even where to start. She helped me master the entire process of online marketing & getting my site ready for ads, funnel setup & email marketing setup. She blows my mind at how fast we got results. Within 6 months I was making over six figures residually. Seriously she knows a whole other language and she's changed my life forever.
Denise Bess Bess Practice, LLC
Seriously within 1 week of the time Lindsay set up my ads I had a FLOOD of new clients. I can't even keep up with the amount of sessions I'm doing and I've been able to take 2 days per week off, travel and go back to school for even more new skills! THESE TECHNIQUES WORK and Lindsay is a Badass.
Jarret Welsh Owner, Peak Performance

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SEO Training For Traffic Generation

Learning to Pitch Your Offer Improving Your Closing Ratios ​Optimizing Your Online Funnel for Increased Closes

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Sales Training

Learning to Pitch Your Offer Improving Your Closing Ratios ​Optimizing Your Online Funnel for Increased Closes

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Meet Your Coach Trainer

Lindsay Shearer

Lindsay Shearer

Master Online Coach Trainer

Who is Lindsay Shearer?

Hey! I’m Lindsay.  I’m a merger’s and acquisitions specialist turned serial entrepreneur, online marketing addict & lead generation specialist.

My Specialty?  I help entrepreneurs like you start online businesses, write books, grow their traffic with Pinterest, SEO & Paid Media, so want to get more leads on autopilot and automate their traffic generation.

I’ve used some really cool techniques to increase my site traffic by 31,000 visitors per month!!! I’m all about giving direct & actionable advice to make online marketing frustration free and super simple!


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