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The Life Coach Training Institute is a free online life coach certification self-paced program that takes a multi-faceted approach by combining workshop teaching with a series of practical exercises and self-study to ensure you develop a comprehensive understanding of the core competencies you need to become an excellent life coach.

What's Included?

10 Coach-Specific Training Videos

Coaching Skill Activities


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The #1 fully online life coach certification program

Why is LCTI so reasonable?

If you think about the fact that a comparable training program of 30 hours has to pay a certified trained professional for each hour they spend with the class, as well as expenses such as print materials, facilities, and basic administration, it’s easy for those costs to be between $5,000-10,000.

Since our program is fully online and on-demand, we have passed all the savings on to our students.

We exist to serve those who are currently working full-time but want to break into coaching.

98% of our students work full-time doing something else other than coaching and need a flexible training program where they are in control of their schedule.



  1. What is Life Coaching?
  2. Foundations of Coaching
  3. Beginning a Coaching Relationship
  4. Coaching is Client-Centered
  5. Getting S.M.A.R.T. About Goals
  6. The Art of Listening
  7. The Art of Listening Part 2
  8. Asking Questions
  9. Finding Solutions & Taking Action
  10. Support & Accountability


This training has everything you need

From Elizabeth Holmes

I am so impressed with this online training. I have been able to study in my own time and do exercises over and over until I really got a full grasp of the content and could remember the material ...

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Continuing my education through this program...

From Wanda King

This was a very informative course. Will be looking forward to continuing my education through this program and mentorship.

inspired me to become a life coach

From Garnet Sharrol De Souza

Very good course. It has inspired me to become a life coach in the future so that I can help make a certain impact in people's life.

Excellent ! I'm very impressed

From Rhonda Lee

I'm very pleased so far with the content! The reading and the option to watch the video is excellent ! I'm very impressed

User friendly, easy to navigate and work through. Informative and transformational

From Karen Noon

I came to this course through a Mentor and Advisor training course I was taking through Gaia University. They recommended it as part of their course. I found the modules easy to work through, with ...

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Inspiring & uplifting...

From Brendell Thomas Francis

Excellent courses.Those modules were inspiring and uplifting, useful for me going forward in my career.They added to my educational experience and growth! Thank You ! I will recommend others to...

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Excellent training!

From Cathy Milioto

The free course really gets you thinking about the questions that are asked within each module, and each lesson was easy to take notes off of. Even within my current job I am using the Who, What, ...

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Very good! :)

From Paulo Domingues

Course is direct and at the right size. Very helpful. Thanks

Very informative!

From Alfred Marton

It is very informative! Life coach training through an online school is an excellent way to teach a subject.

Really enjoyed it

From Brandy Edwards

I really enjoyed this whole process and am truly glad that I took advantage of this opportunity!!!

Detailed Coaching Course

From Keyondra Parker

I enjoyed the Coaching course. It was very detailed and provided great coaching exercises. I can’t wait to start the jump program so I can leave my 9-5! Go Chicken Entrepreneurship! 🐣

Excellent and easily broken down to encourage you!

From Charlee Ryan

I was pleasantly surprised that the modules were in video form but more importantly they were typed out too! I learn best when I can follow along! I listened/read all ten modules while taking notes...

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Great Course

From Stephen Tillia

This was a great course. After attending the free webinar with Paul. This course really provided the groundwork for what comes next. I gave great insights. I am looking forward to completing the Ju...

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wonderful insights and guidance

From Rajadatta Mane

Excellent came as a pleasant surprise as i was looking for insights into coaching and this course gave wonderful insights and guidance in a very short, concise way. I found it to be very ve...

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Great Insight

From Jerry Holmes

As a person who has mentored and advised individuals for 20 plus years, this was a great course!


From Sunny Eronmose Isuekebhor

And I mean that literally - this course is excellent. I would recommend it to anyone!

Very thorough and detailed

From Tammi Collins

This program was very thorough and detailed. The training covered all areas of coaching. The training was easy to follow and convenient. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to be a ...

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A Great Way to Get Familiar with Life Coaching

From Lorraine Robertin

I found this course incredibly useful, as it got me to really think about the questions that I will need to ask my clients in order to help them reach their goals. It's very easy to follow and unde...

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I didn't have to break the bank...

From LaTonia Taylor

I love this training, I was taught valuable skills that I'll use for my clients. I didn't have to break the bank to become certified either. Thank you

in my home and at my on pace

From audrey wilburn

in my home and at my on pace The information is very informative. Thank you again.

very interactive and well presented

From Pat Snow

The training is very interactive and well presented. It allowed me to move at my own pace, with the ability to redo modules over if need be. The course was easy to follow. l'm so looking forw...

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Great Class

From Edwin Cleveland

As a Certified Personal Trainer adding life coaching is another thing I wanted to add to my resume. The free course was great, alot of good information and alot like personal training. I will be ad...

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You got this....


This training was easy to understand and the way it was taught it was very inspiring....

Great Influence in the coaching field

From Donald Morgan

This is the most amazing course that I have taken, it gives clear and direct coaching experience that will be effective in the real world. It is spot on and shows real life experiences and directio...

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From Chandra Hawkins

The modules were all pretty helpful! Thank you so much for this free course!

Want to keep going

From Dorothy Hairston

Hello I really enjoyed the training. Want to keep going, so interesting. Thank You

Super informative

From Kimbra Staten

Super informative. Opened up more understanding for me before I launch out into the deep. Thank you for offering this online training/insight.

Easy, Straight to the point training

From Lilith Oona Austyn

I really enjoyed this course

Great course

From Marcus Barnes

Loved it very informative great program! Great founder! Would suggest that anyone wanting to learn and get started on their career in coaching.

a great way to jump into a new career and feel better equipped!

From Christie Warden

This course allowed me think about my conversations and how I can better connect with people to help them help themselves! It helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses in conversations and ho...

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Impressive & Productive


I was looking forward to working on the purpose of my life & fortunately I found this course. I am very thankful to Paul Dabdoub.


LCTI provided me with great instruction and guidance to achieve my certification. I would definitely recommend LCTI and already have!
Trace Jackson It's Your Choice Coaching - Anderson, South Carolina
The Life Coach Training Institute is an intuitive, informative, and engaging process. You not only learn insightful and practical truths, you apply them in real-time. I highly recommend this transformative training to equip you in bringing breakthrough to others. This is a no-brainer for anyone with the desire to be a life coach.
Brian Orme Skysage Consulting
I loved the course and knew right off the bat, I could do this.  I am 69 years old and it's been a while since I graduated from college.  LCTI empowered me to know that I can do what I've always wanted to do.  I help others for free all the time and seem to be everyone's go to person, so now I can get paid to do what I love doing in a new, refreshing way.
June Grubbs BE Free Certified Life Coaching - Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

Master Trainer & Coach Mentor



Founder, Life Coach Training Institute

Paul Dabdoub is a master coach trainer & mentor, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur, and an executive coach who’s literally helped 1000’s of people take practical steps towards their future.

“I believe that the solutions to the needs of neighborhoods, communities, and cities are locked up in the hearts of people.  They only need to be believed in, affirmed, and given permission to act upon it.

I believe that transformed people equals transformed cities.

I love life coaches because their love for people gives them the ability to launch very powerful lives.  In that way I see them as life entrepreneurs.

Give me a group of intentional life coaches and watch us empower people who’ll change the world.

That’s my goal. And that’s what Life Coach Training Institute is all about.


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