UNLEASH the Coach Inside You

UNLEASH the Coach Inside You


Are you an aspiring coach STUCK at the starting gate?

You're not ALONE!

I’ve spent more time with coaches over the years – more than any other type of people or profession.

Coaches are truly some of the most amazing, interesting, and passion-driven people on the planet. They’re not selfish people, and are extraordinarily others-first.

With so much heart and so much gifting, it’s devastating to me find so many who experience a failure to launch.

I believe coaches are in such demand but are in such a short supply. Coaches are gamechangers. So what happens when people can’t find the guides (coaches) who help them access their purpose and destiny?

Well, I don’t want to think about it and get worked up and dramatic. What I REALLY want to do is help coaches get their own personal breakthroughs, so they become who they’re meant to be.


If you are a coach who’s struggling to push the “YES” button on your coaching career...

If you are a coach who’s struggling to push the “YES” button on your coaching career even though you KNOW – you’ve been told, you’ve dreamed, you’ve helped other before, you’ve Googled…. – you know you’re supposed to be a coach...

I want to HELP you!



From Chanthany Derico

Unleash is EXPLOSIVE!!!! Unleash is IMPACTFUL!!! Unleash had POWER!!! It has the potential to change your life and the lives of those entrusted to forever! I am amazed at the breakthrough that I ha...

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This was just what I needed!

From Elizabeth Feola

This seminar was more helpful than anything else I've done so far. Instead of a bunch of lectures, the course was fully interactive, with active participation from the students. Half of the value w...

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From J. Eric McNeil

As usual, Paul has put together another training course that is extraordinarily beneficial for coaches in general and new coaches in particular. It is part training, part coaching. He provides many...

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Effective & Packed a punch

From Penny Kostaras

This course was very efficient and packed a punch. I found the tools to be very helpful and I was able to zero in on areas that needed work very quickly. It was easy to have multiple breakthroug...

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Get Ready for Transformation

From Eva Suzuki

The best thing about this course are the actions and activities. There are so so many "aha" moments I have in doing these. If you take this course get ready for transformation. You may just be...

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Unleash YOU!

From Jessica Hershey

Amazing 2 days of growth! Paul takes you from the inner barriers to understanding how to work for pleasure and not for pain. When you see what you value, and understand you are working toward the e...

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UNLEASH the coach in you

From Barbara Muckle

The 2 days session was mind blowing. It spoke directly to me, and my fear. I am totally encouraged to move forward with dream for a better me, and making the difference in women's life. Paul was ...

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Wonderful sessions!

From Connie Burton

I gained a lot from the 'Unleashed' sessions. I found each session to be very informative and made me rethink many beliefs that I had growing up. I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone...

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Amazing and highly interactive and recommended

From Romeo Chaer

I real life Coaching that will blow your MIND. Authentic and you will never end it as you started it. Guaranteed.

Unleash Course

From Jeanette Harris

The course was very inspiring as I uncovered the specific things that have been holding me back. Paul is an awesome teacher, the content was relevant and answered all of my questions. Now I feel I...

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Totally Amazing!

From Alexandra Madsen

Worth every minute. Thank you, Paul, so so much for putting this together. To helping us stop worrying so much about the how and understanding where more focus/desire needs to be in order to make...

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UNLEASHED was Awesome!

From Sheraline Thomas

UNLEASHED was very insightful and transparent. It was great information and a lot to think about. It is definitely a great addition to the program. Thanks, Paul!


From Dedra Crawford

Awesome five star ⭐️


Discover your limiting beliefs

Eliminate procrastination

Hack your brain to remove barriers & self-sabotaging systems

Conquer irrational fears

Grow in self-worth

Learn a formula to unlock your potential

Your BREAKTHROUGH Investment

$47.00 Buy $47.00


8 Hour LIVE Interactive Coaching Event

Streamed Live to your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

$997 Value
Replay of our latest UNLEASH event where Paul leads you through insights and breakthroughs.

Breakthrough Tools

What happens AFTER the event is more important than what happened AT the event.

$497 Value
Lots happens in a breakthrough event, but how do you keep your breakthrough? Through ongoing work toward daily personal mastery. We give you some powerful tools to do it!

Replays & Resources

90 Days access to the recordings and resources through your LCTI student account.


Only $47 ($1494 Value)





Founder, Life Coach Training Institute

Paul Dabdoub is a master coach trainer & mentor, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur, and an executive coach who’s literally helped 1000’s of people take practical steps towards their future.

“I believe that the solutions to the needs of neighborhoods, communities, and cities are locked up in the hearts of people.  They only need to be believed in, affirmed, and given permission to act upon it.

I believe that transformed people equals transformed cities.

I love life coaches because their love for people gives them the ability to launch very powerful lives.  In that way I see them as life entrepreneurs.

Give me a group of intentional life coaches and watch us empower people who’ll change the world.

That’s my goal. And that’s what Life Coach Training Institute is all about.



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